Recent testimonials

“As a young female founder, you can sometimes feel like you’re being taken for a ride: with slightly bodged fixes for issues, long response times and
confusing terminology. I had been struggling to solve issues with our Moodle platform and WordPress site for a number of months and had had my
fingers burned!

I am pleased to say that Akriga are totally different: not only do Adrian and Ian have a vast amount of experience and knowledge, but they are also a
delight to work with. I’ve really looked forward to chatting with them and they have been consistently efficient, helpful and kind.

I will be sure to recommend them to friends and fellow founders!”

Thanks so much for all your help and support

“We first started working with Akriga in 2007 on the first ecommerce website for Access Displays, covering exhibition and display equipment.

There have been many challenges along the way, all of which Akriga have handled meticulously and taken in their stride. Their attention to detail and systematic approach have meant they have become a great sounding board for me over the years.

Akriga have offered such a great service that in 2016 we started working together on a separate website covering our exhibition stands.
The service levels are incomparable to that of other companies we have used, which is why we’re still working with Akriga today!

Akriga have gone above and beyond for us, and words cannot express my gratitude.”

“I have been running internet operations big and small since 1995 and worked with any number of contractors.  What set Akriga apart was

  1. their ability to provide the full stack of services which I needed – web design, SEO, implementation of payment solutions, implementation of subscription services, server maintenance etc., and
  2. their ability to solve ALL the problems I ran into as a web publisher (e.g. hacking attacks, sudden traffic-spikes, overwhelmed databases etc.). I never had to call in additional security or performance experts when the going got tough – they had the expertise.

I also cherish their pragmatic approach that often led to cost-effective solutions which I had not even expected to be financially viable for small or medium sized operation. In strategic counselling sessions they sometimes rather talked me out of dubious projects than take the money and let me blunder ahead. In short: Over the past ten years they have saved me time, nerves, and probably even money.”


Stepping Forward London

At the outset the thought of translating a 490 page book into a CMS website was quite daunting . . . and the more we thought about it the worse it became – with so much data to copy and paste what if errors crept in? What if we couldn’t make the formatting work? How should we handle the pictures?
We spoke to a number of companies about the project and none gave us any great confidence, apart from one – Akriga. They told us to forget all our preconceived ideas and just explain what we wanted the end result to be. They went away and, after a few phone calls to clarify our earlier ramblings, came back with a proposition to write a programme to create the site. This would save us vast amounts of time and provide us with a site that just needed some tweaking at the back end to give us the result we wanted. Working with Akriga was so easy as they don’t do Geek Speak – they understand how to talk to clients in their own language. We are delighted with the resulting site and can only imagine what sleepless nights they have saved us.

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“Akriga delivered a great website to very challenging timescales. They were easy to work with …”

“I recently purchased a website that’s managed by Akriga. Unlike the previous owner, I’m not technical. Adrian and Ian have helped me overcome these technical challenges in the most professional and responsive manner.
I have no hesitations giving them my highest recommendations.”

“In 2016 the team at Akriga Ltd rebuilt our website from scratch. Having met with Adrian Allen we decided that due to the amount of data, photographs and constant changes that would need to be made, we needed a custom built site. It was a huge undertaking for us in all senses but we felt in very capable hands.
The website needed to be live in time for the build up to our October exhibition in 2016 and it went live, on time, on 30 August.
Since 2016 Akriga have maintained the site and we have found them all to be quick to understand what we needed, easy to work with, quick to respond to questions and work that has needed to be done.”

“Akriga were very flexible, regularly working on-site with our local developers and the work was done to a high standard. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to others.”

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We found Adrian and the Akriga team were extremely customer centric when it came to discussing and understanding our project needs. Their open communication style was really quite refreshing and from the outset we felt relaxed that we had chosen the correct partner to make our project a success.

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As part of creating my first professional website, Adrian was recommended to me by word of mouth by my brother-in-law Hamish Mackie. Hamish had had his new website created by Akriga and as relative newcomers to the world of website design and technology, we were reassured that Akriga would fit our demands.

Adrian has been unstinting in his support and approach to making the website happen; he has been realistic about timescales and ultimately has delivered a very polished product. Along with his colleagues Ian, Kate and Gillian they have produced a very professional and neat website.

I look forward to being able to work with them in the future with updates and developments as our business builds.

Working with Adrian and Ian was an easy decision for a number of my pharmaceutical client’s development projects. I had complete piece of mind, knowing that they were extremely thorough and thought of everything when it came to risk assessment. The level of communication was the best I’ve ever experienced with a dev team.

We have worked with Adrian and his team at Akriga for several years and they have always given us fantastic support, offering honest and informative advice. We first worked with Akriga migrating one of our client’s website to them, after concluding they had the capacity and the expertise we desired to be able to manage and grow the site. They seamlessly transferred this very technically heavy site and instantly understood the needs of our client and the functionality of their website. Akriga have consistently offered superb support and technical advice allowing us in turn, to give our clients the best service possible.

Adrian has a clear, methodical approach to breaking down my specific problems and then providing digital solutions that are workable for me. After every call with him I always feel more confident in the way forward and greatly reassured by his advice.

I come across lots of people who are technically competent but incapable of communicating with people like me, in a way I understand. He has a rare skill, based on years of practice, patience and professionalism. Adrian makes the complex simple and is like the particle physicist, Dr Brian Cox – a great communicator.

Having known about Akriga’s e-scratchcard system for a while, we jumped at the chance to incorporate the technology in one of our projects for Adobe. The end result was fantastic. Akriga proved to be proactive and technically brilliant. They took our creative concept and developed a strong website that was delivered on time and to budget resulting in a successful promotion.

I have a long standing relationship with Akriga as my development arm.
When I moved from London to Australia, I got involved in a large enterprise digital platform within the real-estate sector. We were submitting a patent application for the technology that was going to drive the system and I flew across the world to work with Akriga to deliver a set of complex technical drawings in order to lodge the patent.

They come highly recommended in terms of expertise, experience and customer service.

“I’ve known Adrian at Akriga for about 15 years and have always found him to be very supportive and resourceful when presented with a tough technical challenge. His deep knowledge of his subject means that he will always come up with a solution which is robust and best fit for purpose.”