Website hosting & domains

Akriga hosting means peace of mind

Hosting your site and registering your domain names may not be everybody’s idea of excitement, but if your server goes down or your domain name doesn’t get renewed you’ll be amazed at the commotion caused! Web hosting and registration are essential to having a web presence, so it’s worth choosing wisely.

Hosting sites reliably and securely requires huge investment in infrastructure and with billions of web pages on the internet, it’s big business. We’re not an infrastructure company. Instead we work with carefully selected partners who have the data centres, network capacity, security and back up in place to provide you with peace of mind.

Akriga provide

  • Single point of contact for your hosting needs, you can even speak to us on the phone!
  • Firewall and rigorous backup scheme as standard.
  • Expertise – come to us with your questions.
  • Monitoring of uptime and availability. Typical uptimes for our sites are greater than 99.9%.
  • Different geographical locations are available so that your site is closer – and faster- for your target market.
  • Development site as well as a live site. The dev site means you can try things out, conduct training and test-drive new versions of software such as plugins.
  • Peace of mind, ultimately thats what we’re really provide.
  • As well as keeping the server software up to date, we will also update WordPress and plugins for you.
  • We are a GDPR compliant sub-processor for your data.

We can also register your domain names to ensure that your competitors can’t use them. We’ll advise on suitable names and tell you which of your choices are already registered to other users. We also always register your domain names in your company name, not ours.

If you’re unsure where to start with hosting or domain names or you have an ‘is it possible..?’ question, pick up the phone or email us today. We’ve a wealth of experience waiting to help you.

Hosting details

We handle everything for you, there are no control panels with techie sounding options and baffling buttons. For those curious about some of the technical details, read on. All of our hosting uses the Linux operating system. With Linux most software upgrades do not require a reboot which supports excellent uptimes. We use a distribution that has a conservative release schedule and favours stability over the latest whizz-bang features. All our servers use Solid State Disks (SSD); their faster data transfer means quicker response times for your website. We don’t have hundreds of websites on one server which means that a bad neighbour on the same server won’t affect the performance of your site and each webserver is more than capable of handling the load. If traffic on that host is rising its easy for us to scale up by adding more disk, more memory and more CPUs. We use Apache or Nginx depnding on what we’re trying to achieve.

Hosting security

Security is paramount. Operating system patches are applied in a timely manner. We only connect to the servers using the secure SSH protocol. Any passwords are strong and a minimum of twelve characters long. Root login is not permitted and we use industry standard firewall security. We’re also rigourous in selecting and deploying third-party software such as plugins. We embed security and privacy by design into our technical methods and working practices.


We have a thorough and resilient backup scheme that handles different situations and uses for a backup. Importantly tonight’s backup does not overwrite last night’s backup. That means we can go back to a particular day and find the data you need. The backups are stored on a different server, in a different location to your webserver. If a digger goes through the main power supply of the data centre and there is a problem with the emergency generators then we still have access to your backups for a restore of the service. There are three different nightly backups held in three different geographically diverse locations. We will also use ad-hoc backups before making significant changes to a server or a website.

Hosting in practice

You’ll get a staging server to test out updates on as well as a live production server. We use Pingdom to monitor our servers and alert staff of any problems. We’ll notify you of any planned downtime. Upgrades to the operating system are done outside of office hours and typically involve very little downtime, minutes not hours. If you need any changes just drop us an email or give us a call. If you have customers in another country Google will want your hosting to be geographically close to that country. We can provide servers around the world and can, for example, even serve your UK website from the UK and your US site from various cities in the USA.