From compliance to engagement

What is “Technology for marketing”?

The heading “Technology for marketing” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  For us its about supporting marketeers to deliver successful campaigns for their business that meet the objectives and generate data.  The scope runs from the relatively dry area of compliance to the “sizzle” of delivering a high-impact online scratchcard campaign that changes customer behaviour.

Websites, newsletters, apps and other marketing tools are only as good as the results they bring to your business. We are diligent in seeking opportunities to drive up your search engine rankings, engagement rates and conversion rates.

What makes a good website?

It is a cliché to talk about building websites on strong foundations but it is essential. If you want us to explain the technical aspects of anything we do, we are very happy to talk in detail. Most of our clients say that they value our technical rigour – but they prefer us to talk in human! So that’s what we do.

Your websites and apps need to reflect and support your business model and they need to be accessible to your audiences. You also want to be able to adapt them as your business evolves and you need them to be well supported. We deliver all these things.

We work closely with you and our trusted partners to create beautiful digital applications, with the potential to rank well in the search engines and in Local Search. When your website visitors arrive, they’ll find a site which is free from errors and hasn’t been hacked.  (No one can guarantee either of these things 100% but our track record is excellent, our dedication is absolute and our client satisfaction rates are first-class).

When you ask us to build secure areas, shops and interactive spaces, or integrate with newsletter software and business systems, we will deliver. We use a combination of existing solutions and our own software to meet your requirements in a timely, diligent and focused manner.

Work with Agencies

If your agency is looking for a partner who can deliver robust, reliable digital tools so you can fulfil your commitments to clients, we are here.  We will take a customer-facing role if that’s what you need or we will be the invisible partner.

Contact us to find out more.