Ongoing Support

In a funny sort of way, we’re pleased if we don’t hear from you after a project goes live. It usually means that the system is running well and there are no errors or bugs.

At the risk of doing ourselves out of some business, we rarely have to go back to a project we’ve created because there is something wrong with it. The way that we build and test our systems ensures that quality is built in.

One of the very first e-commerce sites we built over six years ago has never found a bug in our code. However, if you need us, we’ll be there.

If you want to add another mailbox or change an email address; no problem (and no charge). If you want to launch a project at the weekend to minimise business disruption, we’ll be there. If you want a formal ongoing service contract, we can design one to suit your needs.

We like to take care of our clients. After all, you need an excuse to get back in touch as your site will be running perfectly!

Call or email Ade or Ian to find out how Akriga can support your digital communications.