Email Solutions

We don’t do spam. Why target customers who just aren’t interested in your product? It doesn’t make commercial sense. We do however send targeted emails to opt-in existing customers which results in a response rate of ten times that of printed direct mail. Now that does make commercial sense.

Not only that, but email campaigns:

  • are cheaper to produce than printed direct mail
  • can be targeted precisely many times over
  • can be easily tracked for response rates
  • are instant and readily accessible, especially to a business audience
  • are environmentally-friendly

We can help you put together an email campaign which shows an instant return on your investment. A recent blue-chip client of ours got a 64% response rate on a first mailing and an 83% response rate in subsequent mailings, so we know it works.

We’ll also make sure you comply with all the relevant privacy laws surrounding email marketing including secure data capture and screening for subscribers to the email preference service.

If you’re unsure where to start with email marketing or you have an ‘is it possible..?’ question, pick up the phone or email us today. We’ve a wealth of experience waiting to help you.