Why Akriga?

We think our client testimonials best explain why customers like working with us. For our own view please read on.

A little bit about process

Clients choose Akriga because we do more than just fulfil their brief. Our focus is to give you the best answer, even if you’re unsure which question to ask.

For us, the first step to preparing a proposal is to have a consultation meeting with you.

We take pride in asking detailed, searching and sometimes awkward questions. Experience tells us that careful questioning combined with listening skills will often flush out hidden requirements or better ways forward.

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  • Together we explore various ways to achieve the result you are seeking and we home in on the solution with the best fit.

Akriga provides

Why Akriga? Because we provide:

  • Certainty, you can trust us to get the job done.  One of our overseas clients had hired a number of domestic experts that had failed to deliver the project after repeated attempts.  We delivered first time – after a lot of careful planning, development and testing.
  • Opportunities for growth, we can improve marketing and/or operations which will help you grow or develop your business or organisation.
  • Connections to a team with wide ranging skills, experience and talent.  From branding, design and coding through to search engine optimisation and hosting.

People tell us that we are different because we “think like a corporate” but we are agile. Our customers tell us we are timely, diligent, focused and we deliver on our promises.

Are we the right team for you? If you are looking for a customer-centric, flexible approach with work done to a high standard then yes. These are all phrases used by our customers about us. We enjoy working with clients who set high standards and we make sure we rise to the challenge.

Some of our clients ask us to work with their existing teams. In these situations its not just technical skill that’s required. We bring diplomacy, persuasion and occasionally chocolate biscuits.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is an intrinsic part of what we do. Technologies rise, evolve and in some cases fall by the way side. Part of our job is to keep abreast of these changes and quickly become proficient in the ones that will help our customers meet their goals.

It is worth adding that one thing we don’t deliver is dead ends. We are committed to a value staircase that means your project is built on strong foundations which we design with an eye to your future needs. You will never need to scrap your initial investment because we build for the long-term.

Support and maintenance

Once you have your website or digital tools set up, we aim to anticipate your needs. We do this in a number of ways. Firstly, we proactively monitor the performance of your digital tools to make sure they provide the maximum support for your operations and marketing. Secondly, we actively implement software upgrades to keep your tools secure and robust. Thirdly, we learn from our clients and we are ready to build upgrades when you see your marketplace evolving. Very occasionally technology undergoes a revolution that necessitates a broader change but we will anticipate these and give you time to plan. When you choose Akriga, you receive web technology and service that endures.


We will give you clear commitments on pricing and we only carry out work that you have agreed to. In fact, we typically deliver more than our clients expect because we roll lots of “little” jobs up in their hosting fees. We do this because our ethos is to be professional and provide you with excellent value for money.

Find out more

Call us on 0800 018 1985 (outside the UK: +44 1235 521909) or contact us.