Website Design

A well structured website is crucial for all sizes of business. Customers expect you to have one; they use it to determine your abilities to deliver the service they want.

We build websites that sell products, collect customer information, streamline operations and provide management information; are easy to use, easy to update and look fantastic. Our designers work with big name brands and small companies with large ambitions. They can work within your brand guidelines or design from scratch, but they’ll always think creatively.

We believe that each client has a different voice and this needs to be reflected in the design of their site. We don’t use set designs and fillers, we build your site with your customers in mind.

Bringing ideas to life

When we design your site, there are three important things to get right; the brief, the brief and yes, the brief. We believe in delving deep to find out exactly what you want from your site. We’ll throw in a few ideas of our own too – after all you’re paying for our expertise!

Once we’ve agreed the brief with you, we develop the site structure. We mock up a design, assess the usability of the site, ensure it is cross-browser compatible, works on mobile devices and is search engine optimised.

We’ll involve you at every stage, tweaking and refining the site as we go. For some of our clients this can take months, for others just a few days. We understand compliance, internal procedures and sign off. In fact, we insist upon it for our own projects.

When the site has been fully user tested, we hand it over to you for launch. But we never really say goodbye. We provide free consultation for a month after launch and ongoing support if you need us.