Technical expertise

You’re right to check our technical credentials. Whilst we deliver websites, databases and digital marketing campaigns designed to appeal to your customers, underpinning all of it is the ability to pull many skills together for your benefit.

These skills include expertise in:

Web development Database design
E-commerce Mobile applications

Web development

  • Web page structure and design – HTML, XHTML, CSS, LESS, Responsive design
  • Dynamic content – JavaScript, Jquery, Flash
  • Programming languages – PHP, Perl, Java & Python
  • Web server configuration – Apache, mod_rewrite, especially performance tuning for SEO
  • Data handling – XML, XSLT etc.
  • Web standards – W3C compliance, REST etc.

Database design

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Search function design
  • Integrate existing databases with web presence


  • Woo commerce
  • Tailored database-driven shop software
  • Integration with WorldPay, Barclays ePDQ and ProTx
  • Importing data using XML
  • Advice about delivery rules, discount schemes and sales tax processing
  • Preserving search engine ranking from your “brochure” site when moving to full e-commerce
  • Creating a search engine friendly catalogue of products from scratch
  • Read more …

iPhone Applications

  • Objective C

We approach each project in a methodical but not a bureaucratic way. We’re experts at project management and will:

  • Get to the heart of your requirements using Use Case Analysis
  • Write functional, design and program specifications
  • Produce accurate fixed price budgets
  • Design the complete look and feel of the site
  • Integrate with your back office systems, mobile network and third party services
  • Develop all the code to bring your project to life
  • Rigorously test the site
  • Help you promote your site via search engine optimisation and online advertising.

Feel reassured that we have the technical know-how? Just pick up the phone or email us today. We’ve a wealth of experience waiting to help you.