Corporate Clients

Akriga have years of experience across some of the biggest names in business when it comes to delivering solutions, software, support & consultancy to corporate clients. Our relationship is usually, but not always, via an agency. The corporates are national, transnational or global companies that typically have the following characteristics:

  • A high profile project that cannot fail.
  • A brick-wall end-date.
  • Multi-lingual requirements, including non-latin languages.
  • Requirement to work with globally dispersed teams.
  • Code must pass automated security testing with pressure to pass first time because of deadlines.
  • A need to work with corporate quality standards.

In order to deliver these projects on time and on budget we often find ourselves:

  • Engaging with complex corporate processes for development, testing and release procedures.
  • Working with internal and external IT, marketing & legal departments.

which means that we are working with complex corporate politics, different time zones and people whose first language is not English. Good communication skills and focus are essential in these situations.

The work itself can cover:

  • Project management (IT delivery).
  • Specifying, delivery, maintenance and review of software systems.
  • Working over secure corporate VPNs with different types of operating systems (e.g. Windows & Linux).
  • Interfacing with intranet-based technologies such as LDAP for secure authentication.
  • Hosting on company or third-party servers.
  • Software licensing, e.g. making sure any external products deployed have the right licences.
  • On-going consultancy & support.

We are happy to represent our agency customer in face-to-face meetings and provide a joined up service to the end client.

One thing stands out above all else though – client confidentiality, which is why you won’t find a list of corporate identities here. We can tell you we’ve worked with FTSE 100 companies, household names and across sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, gaming, banking & FMCG.

If you need a safe pair of hands for your corporate project give Adrian a call on 0800 018 1985 or +44 1235 521909.