Why would you choose Akriga?
If you wanted to buy a Porsche, you wouldn’t go to a Hyundai dealer. Not all web developers are the same, so it’s important to keep asking “is it possible to..?” until you get the answer you’re looking for.

And at Akriga, the answer is yes.

We’re confident we can provide you with the website, e-commerce site, and online tools you’re looking for. Whilst other agencies may specialise in one of these areas, we specialise in all of them. This means all your digital marketing can be handled by one company who has taken the time to really understand your business.

If essential uploading needs to be done out of working hours, we’ll do it. If you need us to explain the technicalities to the CEO, we’ll do it. If you want us working as part of your project team, we’ll do it. And it’s all part of the service. We don’t charge by the minute every time you call for advice.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients. And we’ve learned new skills from every one; skills that we now apply to other projects to keep them running smoothly. If we encounter a problem, chances are we already have a solution. If we don’t, we’ll create one. It looks simple because we know what we’re doing.

Once the system is up and running, we know we probably won’t hear from you again. We take this as a compliment. It means our system is running well and there are no errors or bugs. One of our earliest e-commerce projects has never found a bug in the six years it has been running. This is quite usual, so you’ll just have to find another way of keeping in touch. This is what some of our clients have done.

Our approach to projects is very hands-on. When you work with Akriga, you work directly with Ade and Ian. You’re not assigned an account handler; you get to speak to the web developers directly – in English. This is an approach thats also worked well at NHS Hack days.

Call or email Ade or Ian to discuss the answer to your “is it possible..?” question.