Web development in steps shown by line of toy robots increasing in height

Akriga is cutting edge. We R&D our way out of problems rather than simply bypassing them or throwing huge amounts of time and money at them.

This testimonial from one of our customers is a good example:

At the outset the thought of translating a 490 page book into a CMS website was quite daunting  . . . and the more we thought about it the worse it became – with so much data to copy and paste what if errors crept in? What if we couldn’t make the formatting work? How should we handle the pictures?

We spoke to a number of companies about the project and none gave us any great confidence, apart from one – Akriga.  They told us to forget all our preconceived ideas and just explain what we wanted the end result to be.  They went away and, after a few phone calls to clarify our earlier ramblings, came back with a proposition to write a programme to create the site. This would save us vast amounts of time and provide us with a site that just needed some tweaking at the back end to give us the result we wanted. 

Working with Akriga was so easy as they don’t do Geek Speak – they understand how to talk to clients in their own language.  We are delighted with the resulting site and can only imagine what sleepless nights they have saved us.

Rachel Dixon, DNA Limited