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SEO for SMEs

A successful local business had launched a new website, which they were happy with from a design perspective.  They set about a series of post-live changes to improve Search Engine Optimisation.  Two issues came to light:

  1. Site speed and
  2. the ability to get changes made in a time-frame that suited the business.

In brief

Synopsis: Timely changes, SEO is so successful client stops other forms of promotion.  Akriga asked to develop second site in French.

Client: SME business ABC Inflatables

Skills: SEO, Apache server tuning, timely support, foreign language websites

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More info

When we approached Akriga, we had just redeveloped our website. Unfortunately, the redesign had taken far longer than promised and the costs were higher than expected and our relationship with the web designer had broken down.

We had a lovely looking site but Kate, who gives us advice on SEO, was very concerned about a number of the technical aspects. Put simply, it looked great but it loaded too slowly and there were too many broken links. Kate recommended that we should talk to Akriga and ask them if they could take our site and make it work, without breaking the bank.

It was like a breath of fresh air! Ade and Ian reassured us that they knew what was going on and they gave us clear costings for each step in the project. They moved onto their own hosting and then started working their magic. They talked to Kate and understood what we needed for a faster, reliable site.